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NewsSpotter.com provides users with free access to the most qualified news headlines and stories from thousands of sources across the Internet. NewsSpotter.com is continually updated with the latest breaking news and stories, presented in a clean and well-organized format.

For our International guests, we offer an assortment of micro sites covering top news stories, local buzz, current events, and other hot topics happening in more than 167 countries around the world. Click "International Edition" found in the upper right hand corner of each NewsSpotter.com page or visit http://edition.newsspotter.com/ to learn more.

Why Choose News Spotter
We understand that finding the truth in all of the headlines you see on television, in print, and on the Internet can be difficult. Our website offers and alternative that helps you "spot" the real story behind the (head)lines. We provide an atmosphere where people can compare headlines from a variety of qualified news sources on one website, making it easier to identify fact from spin. You can compare results and see how the stories get filtered until you are dealing with only raw facts.

The Plus: While you surf the web for local headlines, political information or developing stories, you save paper by not buying the printed version. We aren't exactly 100% "green" compliant but we don't mind helping take care of our environment. Plus with all of the articles found on the Internet, it would nearly take an entire forest to print them all. Make the smart decision -- click to NewsSpotter.com.

Let us deliver the news you want in an easy to read, organized manner and completely FREE!

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