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Bernie Sanders's hidden strength: AOC, Cardi B — and young Latino DemsBernie Sanders is a 78-year-old Jewish senator from an overwhelmingly white state. But if he wins the Democratic nomination, he could have young Latino voters to thank.


Inspector general finds 'significant errors or omissions' in Trump adviser surveillance warrantThe long awaited 434-page report finds that FBI’s team conducting Crossfire Hurricane— the code name for the bureau’s investigation into links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin — improperly relied too heavily on allegations made by Christopher Steele, a former British spy who had been hired by an opposition research firm working for the Hillary Clinton campaign.


U.S. war in Afghanistan marked by confusion, failure and lies, Pentagon report showsA trove of documents obtained and published by the Washington Post detail how the United States’ nearly two-decade involvement in Afghanistan wasted billions of dollars, cost nearly 2,400 American lives and implicated three presidential administrations in lies to the public about military progress.


'The evidence is overwhelming': Combative hearing moves House closer to impeachmentDemocrat Adam Schiff’s committee formally presented its findings to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, bringing the House one step closer to a formal vote to impeach President Trump.


Full coverage: Trump impeachment hearings — Day 7The Intelligence Committee formally presented its findings to the Judiciary Committee on Monday, bringing the House one step closer to a formal vote to impeach President Trump.


After Pensacola attack, Pentagon to review screening of foreign officers who train at U.S. bases Following a suspected terror attack at a Florida Navy base, the Pentagon said it will review the vetting process for foreign officers who train in the U.S.


Meet the lawyer at the center of the Trump universeMarc Mukasey has deep, personal connections within President Trump’s orbit, and he has worked on a number of high-profile cases involving the president.


GOP lawmaker says 'out-of-the-box strategy' could give Trump an 'advantage' in impeachment hearings Rep. Matt Gaetz said it would play to the “president’s advantage” to have his top administration officials testify in the upcoming impeachment hearings. 


Judge blocks Trump's favorite construction company from building private border wallA federal judge in McAllen, Texas, has temporarily blocked a plan for a construction firm favored by President Trump to build a privately funded segment of border wall along the banks of the Rio Grande River.


What articles of impeachment may lie ahead for Trump?All eyes are on what charges House Democrats plan to bring against President Trump now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked the House to proceed with drafting articles of impeachment. Democrats displayed a list of impeachable offenses during Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing — including abuse of power and bribery, obstruction of Congress, and obstruction of justice — that hint at what they intend to draft against Trump.


New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that Democrats have so far failed to seal the deal on impeachmentA majority of registered voters buy Democrats’ central argument for impeachment, but Americans remain too polarized and uncertain about key details to back Trump’s removal from office in the kind of numbers that could create real momentum, a new poll shows.


Nikki Haley claims Dylann Roof 'hijacked' the 'heritage' of the Confederate flag in church massacreNikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said that white supremacist Dylann Roof “hijacked” the Confederate flag by carrying out a mass killing of African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church in 2015.


If Bernie Sanders is stuck in D.C. for an impeachment trial, AOC could campaign for himA prolonged impeachment trial in the Senate would sideline as many as five Democratic presidential hopefuls in the run-up to the first votes in the 2020 race. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez could play a key role for the Vermont senator.


A dozen senators, not Trump, will decide who testifies in Senate impeachment trialPresident Trump’s characterization of how a Senate impeachment trial might go glosses over the reality of who gets to call the shots. 


'He'd do it again': Former Obama official says Trump must be impeachedFormer acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, the author of the new bestseller “Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump,” believes the GOP notion that Congress can responsibly let voters decide if President Trump’s conduct is impeachable at the ballot box “makes no sense.”


Republican who 'wanted to destroy' Bill Clinton during 1998 impeachment has regretsHe led the effort to impeach Bill Clinton. Years later, he sought Clinton out to apologize.


Why did the Kamala Harris campaign fail?Kamala Harris was once considered a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, but was forced to drop out amid poor polling numbers. What went wrong with her campaign?


Biden shows his tough side in Iowa and in attack ad: 'You're a dаmn liar'Joe Biden defended his son and released a new ad that went after President Trump as he campaigned in Iowa.


Kamala Harris goes on the veep shortlist — even Biden'sMost pundits made two observations after Kamala Harris dropped out of the Democratic primary this week. One, since she was the only candidate of color to crack the top tier in 2019, Harris’s departure would transform the visible ranks of what had once been the most diverse presidential primary field into an all-white affair. And two, she could be a really good running mate for whoever winds up winning the nomination.


Mueller witness bragged about access to Clintons secured with illegal campaign cash, says Justice DepartmentAn emissary for two Arab princes boasted to unnamed officials of a Middle Eastern government about his direct access to Hillary and Bill Clinton while funneling more than $3.5 million in illegal campaign contributions to the 2016 Clinton campaign and Democratic fundraising committees, according to a federal indictment.


Pelosi warns reporter: 'Don't mess with me' about 'hate' for TrumpWhile defending her call to pursue articles of impeachment against President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unloaded on a reporter who asked her if she hates him.


'The president leaves us no choice but to act': Pelosi asks House to pursue articles of impeachmentHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said that she is asking her colleagues to pursue articles of impeachment against President Trump for his “failure to faithfully execute the law” in his dealings with Ukraine.


Impeachment Explained: Key takeaways from day 1 of House Judiciary Committee hearingsDec. 4 was the first day of public hearings in the House Judiciary Committee for the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. What were the main takeaways? Yahoo News explains.


Trump impeachment hearings: 4 takeaways from Day 6 of public testimonyThe first day of testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee included testimony from legal scholars Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, Michael Gerhardt and Jonathan Turley.


Boredom, not public persuasion, is the goal in Judiciary phase of impeachmentWednesday's House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing of President Trump proved a mostly dull affair — and that may have been the point.


Energized by impeachment report, Democrats ponder how to pry answers from White House“If you were subpoenaed — and the courts are backing us up on this — you show up. And if you don’t show up there has to be consequences," said Rep. Jim Himes, a lead investigator in the impeachment probe.


By 3 to 1, legal scholars call for Trump impeachment at first Judiciary hearingThe affair was predictably partisan, with Democrats portraying themselves as carrying out a grim constitutional duty. “This is not a proceeding I was looking forward to,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.


Democrats face prospect of no black candidates on December debate stageThe most diverse Democratic candidate field will likely be represented by no black candidates in the next televised debate.


Is NATO falling apart?Meetings to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NATO have been marred by infighting, public jabs and disagreements. Is the international alliance on the brink of collapse?


Stanford law professor lights up House impeachment hearingStanford law professor Pamela Karlan delivered powerful testimony Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, explaining in simple terms why President Trump’s conduct warranted his impeachment.


Democrats set to move 'swiftly' to impeach Trump, likely by end of monthDemocrats said they will hold at least one more impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee after Wednesday’s panel of legal witnesses. But it appeared likely there will be only two more hearings, and then a vote to send articles of impeachment to the full House.


In fiery memo, Dem lawmaker urges Congress to include Trump’s 'racism' in articles of impeachmentRep. Al Green, the first member of Congress who called for President Trump to be impeached sent a memo Wednesday to House members urging them to incorporate concerns about Trump’s “racism” into the ongoing impeachment inquiry.


State Department pressured to turn over impeachment documents from potential Giuliani-Pompeo callA new document request includes any notes pertaining to a potential Sept. 11 call between Rudy Giuliani and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The date of the purported call is significant because on that same day, the Trump administration released $250 million in aid to Ukraine.


'He's two-faced': Trump, mad at Trudeau, says he's leaving NATO summit earlyPresident Trump on Wednesday offered a blunt response to Justin Trudeau after video surfaced of the Canadian prime minister apparently mocking him during a conversation with other world leaders at the NATO summit in London.


What happens if Trump loses in 2020 — and refuses to leave?Speculating on what Trump might do on Jan. 20, 2021, if he’s not taking the oath of office, is a fraught exercise that depends heavily on armchair analysis of Trump’s personality.


Full coverage: Trump impeachment hearings move to the House Judiciary CommitteeThe House Judiciary Committee convened its first hearing in the impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill, where three constitutional scholars testified that they believe President Trump committed impeachable offenses in his dealings with Ukraine.


Some of the many people Trump has denied knowingDonald Trump said Tuesday that he "didn't know Prince Andrew." It's not the first person he has had trouble remembering.


Schiff says phone records show Nunes may have been 'complicit' in Ukraine affairHouse Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Tuesday that phone records unearthed in the impeachment investigation raised questions about whether his Republican counterpart on the committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, might have been “complicit” in a White House plot to pressure Ukraine.


Impeachment report finds 'stark evidence of misconduct'Withering in tone and rich with detail, the 300-page impeachment report released by the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday afternoon sharpened congressional Democrats’ case against President Trump, whom it charged with the “prioritization of his personal political benefit over the national interest.”


3 things we learned from Harris's short-lived presidential campaignKamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race Tuesday, leaving behind lessons for the other candidates.


Read the House Intelligence Committee's full impeachment reportThe House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released a 300-page report summarizing its impeachment inquiry into President Trump's dealings with Ukraine.


'I'm not a billionaire': Harris cites fundraising as she drops out of 2020 raceCalifornia Sen. Kamala Harris announced Tuesday that she is ending her bid for the presidency. In an email sent to supporters, she said she had difficulties creating a “path forward.”


House Democrats to vote on restoration of Voting Rights Act this month   House Democrats will vote this month on a bill intended to lay the foundation for a restoration of the full Voting Rights Act, a significant step in a years-long effort to respond to a 2013 Supreme Court decision that significantly weakened the law.


Trump's position on supporting Iran protests: No, yes and no commentIn the course of a single day, President Trump on Tuesday gave a “no comment,” a “no” and a “yes” in response to questions about whether the U.S. supported antigovernment protesters in Iran.


'Would you like some nice ISIS fighters?' Trump trolls Macron at NATO summitIn a testy exchange on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London Tuesday, President Trump clashed with French President Emmanuel Macron over what to do with 2,000 foreign Islamic State fighters being held in Syria.


10 lawmakers to watch as impeachment inquiry shifts to Judiciary CommitteeWhen impeachment proceedings begin this week in a new venue — the House Judiciary Committee — they won’t necessarily be a sober-minded moment in American history focused strictly on substance for many of the committee members. 


'No Malarkey': Biden could shock the pundits and winBiden doesn’t actually need to win Iowa or New Hampshire to accrue the 1,990 pledged delegates required to clinch the nomination. He simply needs to hold onto black voters in Southern states and urban areas.


How Chief Justice John Roberts would lead the Senate impeachment trialAs American politics has grown more polarized, Roberts has tried to recede from view rather than become more prominent. But many expect President Trump would try to turn impeachment proceedings into a circus. And it may be then that Roberts would be forced to have a stronger hand, if only to maintain order.


Trump mocks FBI's Lisa Page, again citing debunked text-message conspiracyThe president lashed out yet again at former FBI lawyer Lisa Page after she granted an interview to the Daily Beast.


Trump thanks GOP senator for pushing Russian disinformationPresident Trump praised Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., for pushing the theory that Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election was equivalent to Russian efforts.


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