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It's that time of year again when we celebrate all things Irish but there is a lot more to Irish achievement than shamrocks, Guinness and Jedward. Ireland has been making a positive impact around the globe for centuries and there's no better time to celebrate some of those real Irish accomplishments than just ahead of St Patrick's Day.


AUSTIN, Texas - For Brett Hagler, the co-founder of non-profit New Story , building homes for people without adequate shelter is nothing new ." We get a large piece of land and work with families that have been living in shacks or tents without shelter and design a totally new community with the families."


Britain would be 'only a few meals from anarchy' and cities uninhabitable within days if National Grid is taken down by a cyber attack, experts warn Looting and rioting would erupt on the streets and 'thousands and thousands and thousands' would die if Britain was crippled by a cyber attack, experts warn. Modern life is so reliant on electricity security services said if disaster knocked out the energy grid the country would be 'four meals away from anarchy'.


The Treasury Department highlighted continuing Russian destabilizing activities, including the 2016 election and the NotPetya attack, a cyber-attack attributed to the Russian military on February 15. The statement calls this cyber-attack "the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history," which resulted in billions of dollars in damage across Europe, Asia, and the United States, significantly disrupted global shipping, trade, hospitals, and the production of medicines. "These targeted sanctions are a part of a broader effort to address the ongoing nefarious attacks emanating from Russia.


In this Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017, file photo, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan speaks while U.S. President Donald Trump listens, in background, during an event at the White House in Washington, to announce the company is moving its global headquarters to the United States. In a decision announced Monday, March 12, 2018, Trump is blocking Singapore chipmaker Broadcom from pursuing a hostile takeover of U.S. rival Qualcomm on the grounds that the combination would threaten national security.


If you reading this, it's not too late to send your name to the sun. As CNN reported , NASA has invited people across the world to submit their names to be included in a microchip that will be sent to the sun as a part of the historic Parker Solar Probe mission, which will travel into the sun's atmosphere so that scientists can have their ... (more)


What motives M&A? If you are Hock Tan, you might be driven by the adrenalin high of financial engineering. But for Paul Jacobs, the motivation for buying out Qualcomm must be very personal.


The rapid evolution of deep learning has started an AI arms race. Last year, venture capitalists poured more than $1.5 billion into semiconductor start-ups and there are now some 45 companies designing chips purpose-built for artificial intelligence tasks including Google with its Tensor Processing Unit .


The goal of this offbeat project? To see if it's possible to farm vast quantities of seaweed in the open ocean for a new type of carbon-neutral biofuel that might one day power trucks and airplanes. Unlike the corn- and soy-based biofuels used today, kelp-based fuels would not require valuable cropland.


Currys PC World has apologised after customers complained they were pressured into paying up to A 40 in set-up fees for a new laptop. Consumer group Which? said 108 customers had reported being given no choice but to pay the extra amount when they collected their laptop.


There's a running joke for connected gadgets and the Internet of Things: "The 'S' in IoT stands for security." Oleg Selajev, a lead developer for Oracle Labs, coined the phrase in 2016 , and it pops up almost every time researchers find security flaws with a connected device.


Alaska Airlines sued over pilot's alleged rape of co-pilot : Last June, an Alaska Airlines co-pilot was allegedly drugged and raped by her fellow pilot during their overnight stop in Minneapolis. Betty Pina is suing Alaska Airlines for its failure to hold Paul Engelien, her alleged attacker, accountable for the actions she reported.


A US woman has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment for shooting dead her boyfriend in a botched stunt they hoped would go viral on YouTube. Monalisa Perez, now 20, was asked by Pedro Ruiz, 22, to fire a gun from a foot away, believing a thick book he held in front of his chest would shield him.


Hawking, whose brilliant min... . FILE - In this Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009 file photo President Barack Obama applauds after presenting the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom to Stephen Hawking, the renown theoretical physicist and Cambridge Universi... .


Intel will release server processors this year with hardware features designed to block attacks that use serious new Spectre vulnerabilities, Chief Executive Brian Krzanich said Thursday. The Spectre "side channel" attacks lets one software process snoop on another, gathering sensitive data like passwords or encryption keys.


The Expedition 52 crew on the station has been tracking this storm for the past two days and capturing Earth observation photographs and videos from their vantage point in low Earth orbit.Now at category 4 strength, Harvey's maximum sustained winds had increased to 130 miles per hour.


Prof Hawking, one of the world's finest scientific minds, was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease in 1964 at the age of 22 and was given just a few years to live. Despite this, he continued to travel the world giving lectures and writing scientific papers about the basic laws that govern the universe.


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