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Kenya's opposition said on Sunday it had postponed plans to swear in its leader Raila Odinga as an alternative president, easing political tensions and opening a window for possible talks with the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta. FILE PHOTO - Kenyan opposition leader of the National Super Alliance coalition Raila Odinga addresses his supporters in Nairobi, Kenya November 28, 2017.


This Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, GOES East satellite image provided by NASA taken at 20:30 UTC, shows the eye of Hurricane Maria as it nears Dominica.


Companies trying to stay ahead of the increasing threat of cyberattacks need to be cognizant of one simple fact: there is no perfect antidote or turnkey solution against criminals bent on breaching their systems. "Everyone is hacking into everything," said Benoit Dupont, professor of criminology at the University of Montreal and the Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity.


Qualcomm, of course, rejected the bid, claiming that Broadcom's offer - which came at a solid premium to where Qualcomm's shares were trading before Broadcom's offer came along - "undervalues Qualcomm and comes with significant regulatory uncertainty." Time will tell if Broadcom is successful in its quest to add Qualcomm to its portfolio, but I'd like to explore a different angle to the story: Which Qualcomm businesses Broadcom will likely kill if it succeeds in buying Qualcomm.


The recent close flyby of an asteroid shows that despite our scientific knowledge, a lot of times we never see them coming. There are a ton of ways you're likely to die, including heart disease, cancer, or stroke.


Or, at least, they're significantly more powerful than supercomputers were ten years ago. And way more powerful than desktops were five years ago.


Realbotix is one of the world's leading firms producing ultra-realistic female androids that talk, submissively follow orders and remember your sexual preferences. Company founder Matt McMullen has been developing Harmony sex robots , costing between 7,000 and 15,000 each, since 2014.


In this undated photo provided by the San Juan County Sheriff's Office is William Atchison. A 21-year-old gunman who disguised himself as a student to get into a New Mexico high school where he killed two students had caught the attention of U.S. investigators more than a year ago, authorities said Friday, Dec. 8, 2017.


NASA's James Webb Space Telescope emerged from Chamber A at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston on Dec. 1, 2017, to prepare for its upcoming move to California. Credits: NASA/Chris Gunn The honeycomb-shaped, gold-plated mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope , capable of capturing images of distant celestial bodies that emerged 13 billion years ago, has completed crucial tests in Houston and is being prepped to return to its home base at Northrop Grumman Space Park in Redondo Beach.


The wind-swept blazes have forced tens of thousands of evacuations and destroyed do... . Marissa Sherman, left, reacts as she sees the destroyed home of her grandfather, Dick Marsala, right, after a wildfire roared through the Rancho Monserate Country Club, Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, in Bonsall, Calif.


Former astronaut Carl Walz, who logged 231 days in space during four flights, was trained to operate the robotic arm on the International Space Station. The Houston Chronicle reports Walz, now in the private sector, and his company are developing autonomous robots that could one day repair satellites or prepare Mars for human arrivals.


The relief Martin Streete felt the day he walked out of court a free man erodes with every click of Google's search button. Every time he researches his name, he's confronted with a 2011 headline announcing criminal charges he never had to face in court.


Several hundred people gathered at Florida's Kennedy Space Center on Friday to commemorate Air Force Maj. Robert Lawrence Jr. Lawrence was part of a classified military space program in the 1960s called the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, meant to spy on the Soviet Union.


This Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 false-color image from the European Space Agency's Sentinel-2 satellite via NASA, shows a brown burn scar from the Thomas fire north of the city of Ventura, Calif., at bottom center. The flames stand out starkly as smoke billows toward the Pacific Ocean.


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Hi, i have a HP 655 with an AMD E1-1200 processor and ATI Radeon HD 7310 integrated graphics with 4gb of RAM.


Over the next two years, businesses will increasingly turn to blockchain to establish trust among parties looking to transfer everything from money and movable goods to property. Over the next two years, enterprises are expected to ramp up their efforts to test blockchain technology as part of a new method of establishing trust in a digital economy.


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